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1 - Presentation of uTorrent and test your connection prior

Attention this site is readable only using:

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If you use Internet Explorer, some pages, like page 2, 3 and 4 of the tutorial on uTorrent, missed ...

Plan and purpose of this tutorial:

I created this tutorial in order to have a larger world to become familiar with μtorrent. There are already many other tutorial that I found but unfortunately not quite clear about the basic settings. So a tutorial that focuses on the most important settings and how I hope the more clear. I hope that this tutorial will meet your expectations.

Page 1 Software Download "μtorrent and test connection

Page 2 setting its options and its connection settings

Page 3 Configuring IP address & opening ports in the router (Freebox, AliceBox, LiveBox, NeufBox, ClubInternetBox etc ...)

Page 4 Search torrents: the easiest way to find them & use uTorrent (tips to know)

1. Software Download μtorrent 1.8

You can download it free by clicking this address and once on the download page just click on "get uTorrent"

(During the installation select the three choices)

You will be asked during the installation, enter some parameters in connection wizard ... ignore the wizard that will appear during the installation because we will do ourselves the following settings.

2. Setting software μtorrent

A. Test your connection

First you should test your connection: We need two data which will help us to calculate, as some values that will come when adjusting uTorrent several options:

1. The downstream (download)

2. The upstream (upload)

If you want to know, simply click on one of these two addresses to test your connection and get the two data we'll need:

Once the 2 data appears, note them and keep them for later. But be careful: note values "upload" (upstream) and "download" (downstream) that are expressed in KB / s and not those expressed in Kb / s or kbit / s

To avoid distorting the results of the connection test, you must shut down all software that uses your internet connection such as uTorrent, eMule, and not be doing the updating of software such as your antivirus or Windows for example. Similarly if you are many to use the same Internet connection at home, it is best to ask other people to disconnect the test of time ...

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