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Update all your software with one click

Categories: Tutorial updated drivers (drivers) and all your software with one click
Update all your software with one click

The updated software can sometimes be necessary and even indispensable to others. I refer in particular to programs such as JAVA or ADOBE FLASH PLAYER we use for the internet, display of certain sites or viewing video via the internet. To verify that you have the latest available version of your software, there is a program that will undertake this task. This Update Checker (update checking). It is downloadable free at: (once on the download page, click on download now (which means download now) to cause the download of the software. Then install UPDATE CHECKER like any software, and run it. A window of this type will then appear: This window indicates that the "UPDATE CHECKER" scan your PC to be able to list the software you have, then it will then look if there is a newer version of them. Click on each of the update available to access the download page, but leave the fallen updated Beta that are offered (beta updates detected) because it is not final test version, which sometimes contain bugs. Once you click ...

1 - Presentation of uTorrent and test your connection prior

Categories: uTorrent 1.8 and Bittorent 6.1: tutorial clear images
1 - Presentation of uTorrent and test your connection prior

Warning this site that is readable using: Either the browser "Mozilla Firefox" which is free and can be downloaded at: or new and excellent browser "Google Chrome" from Google that is free and can be downloaded at: If you use Internet Explorer, some pages, such as page 2, 3 and 4 of the tutorial on uTorrent, missed ... Plan and purpose of this tutorial: I created this tutorial in order to have a larger world to become familiar with μtorrent. There are already many other tutorial that I found but unfortunately not quite clear about the basic settings. So a tutorial that focuses on the most important settings and how I hope the more clear. I hope that this tutorial will meet your expectations. Page 1 Download software μtorrent and test connection Page Setup 2 of its options and its connection settings Page 3 Configuration IP address & opening ports in the router (FreeBox , AliceBox, LiveBox, NeufBox, ClubInternetBox, etc ...) Page 4 Search torrents: the easiest way to find them & use uTorrent (tips to know) 1. Software Download μtorrent 1.8 You can download ...

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